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Name:Dr Stephen Hughes
Position:Lecturer in astrophysics and physics
Organisation:Queensland University of Technology
Department/Division:School of Physical & Chemical Sciences
Primary Areas:Science & Technology
Astronomy & Space
Expertise:Astronomy; Astrophysics; Astronomy education. Physics edcuation. Instrumentation; Telescopes; Applying physics & instrumentation to solving industry problems Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) -from the point of view of UFOs as natural phenomena. Meteors. Planets. Moon.
Organisation Type:Academic
Phone:07 3138 2327
Fax:07 3138 1521
After Hours:07 3285 3087
This expert is available for:Research collaboration, Consulting work, Conference presentation opportunities, Other speaking engagements


Hughes S, Medical ultrasound imaging. Physics Education, 36:468-475, 2001.

Hughes SW, Wright R, Barry M, Virtual reconstruction and morphological analysis of the cranium of an ancient Egyptian mummy, Australas. Phys. Sci. Eng. Med. 28:122-127, 2005.

Hughes SW, Archimedes revisited: a faster, better, cheaper method of accurately measuring the volume of small objects. Physics Education, 40:468-474, 2005.

Hughes SW, Measuring the orbital period of the moon using a digital camera. Physics Education, 41:144-150, 2006.

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